LinkedIn Masterclass: Find Opportunities by Creating Authentic Content


Learn the strategies I used to gain 18,000+ followers, attract job offers, multiple speaking opportunities and generate over $150,000 in revenue by posting authentic content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful organic tools to ever exist.

It allows you to build relationships with people that you ordinarily would never cross paths with and access opportunities that you probably didn't know existed.

All by creating content that can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people.

But how do you get what you want out of LinkedIn without having 100,000 followers?

Well, here is The LinkedIn Blueprint.

The Blueprint consists of 6 video lessons that show you exactly how I create content, access opportunities and generate revenue on LinkedIn by creating content.

These strategies have led to me receiving multiple job offers, generating 6-figures for my side hustles, creating genuine relationships and eventually buying my first property and dream Tesla.

All from LinkedIn in 16 months and starting with a small number of followers. 

The Course Curriculum

Part 1: Why you should pay attention to LinkedIn

Part 2: What makes great content

Part 3: How to craft authentic content

Part 4: Growing Your Engagement

Part 5: Attracting Opportunities & Income

Part 6: The 40 Day Challenge

What You Get:

  • 6 video lessons with practical steps

  • 8-Page workbook with action items 

  • My Top 25 Most Viewed LinkedIn Posts (eBook)